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Modifying multi-measure rests

From: Kim Shrier
Subject: Modifying multi-measure rests
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 01:42:43 -0500
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I am new to LilyPond and I have a question about the best way to approach
a problem.  I am typesetting some music and the time signature is 4/2.  I
would like to modify the behaviour of multi-measure rests to use a breve
rest to represent 1 measure instead of a whole rest since the duration of
1 measure is a breve.  I have looked at the church_rest method in and I think I see how to modify it as well as the
symbol_molecule method.  I would also have to define a parameter to get
the information to these methods so they would know whether they were using
a whole or breve rest as their base.  This seems like a lot of work.

Since one of the nice things about LilyPond is how flexible it is and you
have hooks to get at almost everything, I was wondering if there is a better
way to approach this problem.  As I said earlier, I am new to LilyPond and
I don't have a good feel for what is possible without modifying the source.


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