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Re: Da Capo

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: Da Capo
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 23:46:50 +0200

On Tuesday 08 October 2002 00.17, you wrote:
> Erik Sandberg wrote:
> > I can not find anywhere in the documentation how to make good-looking "da
> > capo" texts properly. Most D.C.:s I see in Real Notes use to be placed
> > below the staff, with its text right-aligned to the left of the last \bar
> > (and it use to be written out in all staves, too).
> I have only a partial answer, I am afraid.
> The attached snippet does what you request.
> The problem is that ALL marks are put on all staves. 

If there is no good way around this, then I would say it's very high up on 
my wish list to create a better way of creating that kinds of texts. It's not 
uncommon for me to see a piece with both a da capo (or dal segno) text, a 
"Fine" text (of the same kind), and a few marks. As usual, I would be glad to 
help coding _if I just had the time_ (but I don't :-( ). But I think it would 
be a great thing just to mention in the documentation how one can create a 
good da capo-style text.

I think that what I really would need in my case is something like the 
ability to create a text script aligned to a bar instead of a note. It is 
possible to do this through the following hack (which achieves exactly what I 
want), but it is just not clean:

global = \notes {
  s1*2 \mark "B"
  \property Staff.TextScript \set #'self-alignment-X = #1
  s16_"Da Capo"
  \bar "|."

\score {
    \notes \transpose c'' <
   \context Staff = sa < \global { c1 c c c } >
       \context Staff = sb < \global { g g g g } >
  \paper { }

> Further more I
> could not get font-relative-size to work - i had to use
> font-magnification instead. Anyone? :-(

BTW, there is a docu typo:
font-relative-size (number):
  partial font definition: the relative size compared the `normal' size. 
  0 is style-sheet's normal size, -1 is smaller, +1 is bigger, -1 is smaller.
I guess you only need to say "-1 is smaller" once :-)


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