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Adding text-scripts to bars

From: Fabio dos Santos
Subject: Adding text-scripts to bars
Date: 10 Oct 2002 08:36:49 -0300

yeah. I agree, 

Ataching text-script to Bars is also nice.

As a matter of fact. If you could attach text-stript to any grob-object
it would definately be a hand on the wheel. Althought, i don't if that
is feasable(sp?). 

But it would allow you do do some nifty things, like funky instructions
between measures that are turned transparent, or put chords in the
middle of a bar, with diferent formatting than is allows by Lilypond.

But it would be necessary to improve the text-script functions to allow
more control over them, and I imagine that would also be difficult.

But like I said, it would be an extra hand on the wheel for people who
like to go weird on their notation. . . . 


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