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Re: barcheck

From: David Bobroff
Subject: Re: barcheck
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 18:50:05 +0000

At 06:30 PM 10/10/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>David Bobroff wrote:
>>      \time 3/4
>> \cadenzaOff
>>      \property Staff.fontSize = #0
>>      f8.-\trill( es32 )f | es4 r r |
>The 1st measure after cadenzaOff is only 1/2 (1.5/8+1/32+1/32) and not 
>3/4 - and hence you DO have a bar check failure. What did you expect?

Actually, what I expected was that after the beginning of the \cadenzaOn
time would not be counted until after \cadenzaOff.  Immediately before the
\cadanzaOn is a half-note.  Then the cadenza and then a quarter (dotted 8th
+ 2 32nds) which makes 3/4.  It worked earlier when I did this:

        \notes \relative c'{
        \clef F
        \key es \major
        \time 4/4

        \property Staff.fontSize = #-2
        \times 2/3 {f8 bes d,} \times 2/3 {f bes, d } \times 2/3 {f, bes d,} 
        \bar "" \break
        f4 r8 g4 f e8  f16-. f'( e )f f,-. es'( d )es f,-. d'( cis )d f,-. c'( 
b )c 
        g'-. f,( e ) f f'-. g,( f )g es'-. a,( g )a  [d-. bes( a )bes] \bar "" 
        \property Score.beatLength = #(make-moment 1 8)
        [\times 2/3 {es16 f g} \times 2/3 {f es d} ]
        [\times 2/3 { c16 d es } \times2/3 {d c bes}]
        \property Score.beatLength = #(make-moment 1 4) [a16. c32 f16. a32] c16 
        \property Score.beatLength = #(make-moment 1 8)
        [\times 2/3 {d16 es g} \times 2/3 {es d c} ]
        [\times 2/3 {bes c d} \times 2/3 {c bes a}]
        \property Score.beatLength = #(make-moment 1 4)
        [g16. bes32 es16. g32] bes16 r e,,8 
        \bar "" \break
        \property Score.beatLength = #(make-moment 1 8)
        [\times 2/3 {[f16-. bes( )a} \times 2/3 {bes-. g-. e-.}] [ \times 2/3 
bes( ) a} \times 2/3{ bes-. g-. e-.}]
        [f16 -. g32-. a-. bes-. c-. d-. e-.]
        \property Score.beatLength = #(make-moment 1 4)
         f16-. g-. a-. bes-. 
        c4 \property Staff.fontSize = #0
        a8.-\trill(  g32 )a bes4 r | R1*3 | R1*2 | \bar "|."


In this example the \cadenzaOn/Off appeared to simply turn off any time
count during the cadenza and turned it back on when I asked it to in order
to complete the "count" of the measure.  What have I done differently in
this example that makes it work?

-David Bobroff

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