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Window installation failed

From: Richard Trahan
Subject: Window installation failed
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 07:24:20 -0700

I'm a new user. I did a complete Cygwin/LilyPond installation by
clicking on the "Install Lily Now" link, selected LilyPond from the
Cygwin menu, and selected direct install.

The bash shell ran ok, and I created the file according to
instructions on the LilyPond site (except that they fail to tell you
you must terminate the line with a newline or the whole thing
crashes immediately).

I got the following message: "ps2pdf: not found", and indeed it is
not in cygwin\bin. Also, the generated foo.dvi file shows a staff,
but the rest is garbage. The dvi reader, DVIscope 1.0, complains
about the format: "incorrect \special command syntax."

Help, please.

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