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Re: jazz articulations

From: Jens Haug
Subject: Re: jazz articulations
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:38:33 +0200 (MEST)

> $\\bigcup$ and $\\bigcap$ should be fine for bends.
> I'm not sure about the "$" because I haven't used
> it lately.  That is the bend you see in commercial
> music, and there is no reason to draw one.
> There is nothing wrong with ^"bend" either.  I
> have usually seen rises and falls noted with
> slurs from or to invisibles rather than glissandi.

If it's noted with slurs, wind instruments (at least all the 
sax player I know) will use the fingering for the printed note
and alter the pitch of the tone by the embouchure. 
If it's noted with a zigzag line (like glissandi sometimes are),
they will use the fingering to play a more or less ;-) cromatic
scale and keep a "normal" embouchure". That's why I'm so keen 
on having zigzag lines for this purpose.


Jens Haug
IKFF Universit├Ąt Stuttgart              Tel. 0711/685-6422
Pfaffenwaldring 9                       Fax  0711/685-6356
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