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Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs

From: Jens Haug
Subject: Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 17:40:08 +0200 (MEST)

> > Looks like the syntax slightly changed from 1.4 to 1.6, but I
> > don't really understand the refecence manual there.
> > Could you please tell me how this works now? Thanks!
> Just run convert-ly on the file and see what it changes
> it to. I hope you have inserted \version commands in your
> file corresponding to the version you used before.

No, I've never heard about that command before. :-/
But it worked with -f 1.4, so everything is fine now. :-)

> > Another thing about tuplet brackets: Sometimes I'd like to have
> > tuplet brackets that look like slurs (which is easier to read
> > than triplet brackets *and* phrasing slurs). Is that possible?
> > It would also be ok for me to turn off the tuplet brackets and
> > enter the slurs, but then I had to make sure the denominator is
> > on the right side of the slur (and doesn't collide).
> That's a good question. I tried in vain to replace the drawing
> command with the command for drawing slurs but they weren't
> compatible. However, what you suggest should work well, just 
> turn off the tuplet brackets and add slurs. You can set the 
> vertical position of the denominator using
> \property Score.TupletBracket \set #'padding = #2
> (the default value is 0.9).

Ok, I'll try that.
(*type, type*)
Hm, I think it's Voice.TupletBracket, not Score.TupletBracket.
And I like a value of -6.8 best, because this gives me the 
denominator on the same side as the slurs (instead of forcing
the slurs on the other side wich looks rather ugly).
Now there's only one thing left: I can't start the slur after
a rest, e.g. \times 2/3 {r8( a )g} gives me errors (after interpreting
the music, during paper output):
programming error: Infinity or NaN encountered while converting
Real number; setting to zero. (Continuing; cross thumbs)
So a few of my triplets look a bit strange now, but the rest is
really great!


Jens Haug
IKFF Universit├Ąt Stuttgart              Tel. 0711/685-6422
Pfaffenwaldring 9                       Fax  0711/685-6356
70550 Stuttgart                 address@hidden

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