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Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:06:01 +0200

> Hm, I think it's Voice.TupletBracket, not Score.TupletBracket.

Well, if you want to set it separately for each Voice. 
If you set Score.TupletBracket, the setting applies to 
all the Voices. Another possibility to set it globally
once and for all is to set it in the \paper section:

      TupletBracket \override #'padding = ...

> And I like a value of -6.8 best, because this gives me the 
> denominator on the same side as the slurs (instead of forcing
> the slurs on the other side wich looks rather ugly).
> Now there's only one thing left: I can't start the slur after
> a rest, e.g. \times 2/3 {r8( a )g} gives me errors (after interpreting
> the music, during paper output):
> programming error: Infinity or NaN encountered while converting
> Real number; setting to zero. (Continuing; cross thumbs)
> So a few of my triplets look a bit strange now, but the rest is
> really great!

For the third time today, a problem occurs that can be solved 
by an invisible note \times 2/3 {<r8 \blanknote g (> a ) g}

where \blanknote can be defined similarly to the example at
but using the new \once feature:

blanknote = { \once \property Voice.NoteHead
               \override #'transparent  = ##t
               \once \property Voice.Stem
               \override #'transparent = ##t }


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