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Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs

From: Jens Haug
Subject: Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:35:33 +0200 (MEST)

> > Hm, I think it's Voice.TupletBracket, not Score.TupletBracket.
> Well, if you want to set it separately for each Voice. 
> If you set Score.TupletBracket, the setting applies to 
> all the Voices. Another possibility to set it globally
> once and for all is to set it in the \paper section:
> \score{
>   ...
>   \paper{
>     ...
>     \translator{
>       \ScoreContext
>       TupletBracket \override #'padding = ...
>     }
>   }
> }

Ok, I see. 
I tried Score.TupletBracket first, but it didn't work. I guess
I used in the wrong context.
Anyway, I'm only writing my own voices and some singel voices for
friends of mine, so that doesn't really matter. No full scores.

> > Now there's only one thing left: I can't start the slur after
> > a rest, e.g. \times 2/3 {r8( a )g} gives me errors (after interpreting
> > the music, during paper output):
> > programming error: Infinity or NaN encountered while converting
> > Real number; setting to zero. (Continuing; cross thumbs)
> > So a few of my triplets look a bit strange now, but the rest is
> > really great!
> For the third time today, a problem occurs that can be solved 
> by an invisible note \times 2/3 {<r8 \blanknote g (> a ) g}

Yes, I gave that a thought, but it makes my input pretty hard to
read, so I'm not really sure if this is worth the hassle.
Strange, I thought I had used slurs starting on rests before
(which didn't really look greak, but worked).

Thanks for the help, anyway!


Jens Haug
IKFF Universit├Ąt Stuttgart              Tel. 0711/685-6422
Pfaffenwaldring 9                       Fax  0711/685-6356
70550 Stuttgart                 address@hidden

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