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Re[2]: Updated: lilypond-1.6.5-1 for Cygwin

From: Jérémie Lumbroso
Subject: Re[2]: Updated: lilypond-1.6.5-1 for Cygwin
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 23:10:02 +0200

Hi Jan,

JN> Have you installed Cygwin's python?

Yes, I've reinstalled Cygwin's Python several times before e-mailing,
but it doesn't change a thing (could it not be properly detected by

JN> I think Cygwin has a too new autoconf.  You need autoconf-2.13.

I can't seem to be able to downgrade with the servers I usually use
to download Cygwin packages... Do you have any idea where I could get
it? (And why doesn't the more recent version function properly?)

JN> This is only for the MIDI import script, midi2ly; you can safely
JN> ignore this.

To say the truth, I'd rather not start ignoring such and such because
they don't work rather solve them -- but since I'm in no position to
do that, I'm just going to ask how I should ignore it.

Thanks a lot for your help,
 Jérémie                            mailto:address@hidden

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