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PDF bug or misunderstanding?

From: Doug Asherman
Subject: PDF bug or misunderstanding?
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 20:39:39 -0800
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I'm a new user of lilypond, and I've run into an issue. The odd thing is, this doesn't happen all the time. Context: I'm using teTeX 1.07 on Slackware 8.1 (Linux), lilypond 1.6.6.

I have a very simple input file:

\score {
  \notes \relative c' {
     \key g \major
     \partial 4
     c'8 b \bar "|"
   \paper { }

if I take this through the steps to produce a pdf file (lydvi, dvips input.dvi ps2pdf or just do the one-step thing, I end up with a pdf file that has incomplete note-heads. This is using xpdf to view the pdf file -- if I use gv, it views ok. But this isn't really good, because I have to send the pdf file off to MSWin users.

Here's the odd thing -- if I take the "\key g \major" line out, I get good (well, decent-looking) note heads. They're at least readable, anyway.

So -- anyone seen this before? Any workarounds?

Thanks for any replies,

Doug Asherman
Stranded on the west coast....

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