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Slurred chords

From: Guido Amoruso
Subject: Slurred chords
Date: 30 Oct 2002 12:51:48 +0100


I'd like to know where it is possible to write the starting-slur mark
"(": inside a chord, next to any of its notes, or after the
closing-chord mark ">".

Moreover, perhaps I've found a bug if I write a slurred chord at the
very beggining of a piece.

\score {
 \notes {
  \clef violin \time 4/4
    <c''4 ( a' > b' ) g'

I get this error:
Interpreting music...
/home/guido/Lilypond/ warning: unterminated slur:
                        <c''4 (
                                a' > b' ) g'

/home/guido/Lilypond/ warning: can't find start of
                        <c''4 ( a' > b' )
which doesn't come if I put a not before the chord.

On the other hand, I cannot write at all something like "<a b>( )c" in
any place in the piece, which I seem I was used to do with Lilypond 1.4.
But I'm not sure about this, perhaps I don't remember well.

I'm using Lilypond 1.6.0 for Debian3.0/ppc.

Thank you,


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