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More 1.6 install problems (uni)

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: More 1.6 install problems (uni)
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 07:02:47 +0100

I solved the guile problems, and managed to build and install lily 1.6
at the uni.
Lilypond also compiles files with no problems (apart from problem with
determining size of tex-fonts. Perhaps more on that later).

Problem is that dvips and xdvi cannot find the even though GS_LIB points to the correct dir:

address@hidden:~/lilypond/ly]$ dvips -o test.dvi
This is dvips(k) 5.86e Copyright 2001 Radical Eye Software
' TeX output 2002.11.01:0606' ->
dvips: ! Couldn't find header file
address@hidden:~/lilypond/ly]$ echo $GS_LIB
address@hidden:~/lilypond/ly]$ ls $GS_LIB

The docu doesn't mention anything about this - perhaps an update would
be nice (Werner?)...

What can I do...? Linking from . to $GS_LIB is not nice...


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