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font selection for bar number

From: ChoongHwan Lee
Subject: font selection for bar number
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:44:16 +0900 (KST)

I think encoding type was wrong in my original message. So, I'm resending this 



I'd like to change font-name for bar number, so I overrided it. But, after 
doing that,
font size is not suitable. Its size is as large as that for composer.
To correct the size, I also overrided font-relative-size, but it didn't work.

Some fraction of my code is,

\score {
 \context PianoStaff \notes
  \property Score.BarNumber \override #'padding = #3
  \property Score.BarNumber \override #'font-name = #"pgml8r"
  \property Score.BarNumber \override #'font-relative-size = #-2


I think there is no syntax error since ly2dvi doesn't complain. 
font-relative-size doesn't work. Even though
I set that value as -10, nothing changed. But, after removing font-name 
property, font-relative-size works well.
Is it impossible to set font size with additional font like ITC Garamond(pgm)? 
or was there a mistake to me?

I'm using LilyPond 1.6.4 under cygwin.

                                                        ChoongHwan Lee

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