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Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)

From: Suzanne E. Blatt
Subject: Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 19:26:44 -0500

Thanks to those who responded regarding my 'potential error'.  I realised the 
's' shortly after I sent the email!  The problem is not in Lilypond but in 
NoteEdit - I've discovered.  In Lilypond the code goes:

Staff { \notes {blah blah blah }}
Lyrics {blah blah blah}

\score {
 \simultaneous {
      \property Staff.skipbars = ##t
      \context Staff="StaffA" \StaffA
      \context Lyrics="StaffAText \ StaffAText
\paper {
     linewidth = 160.00 \mm
     textheight = 230.00 \mm

When I tried putting the '\translator { \StaffContext minimumVerticalExtent' 
under the \paper, I got an error - the unexpected SCM thingy and I got the same 
when I tried to specify the minimumVertical Extent under \score as  \context 

Could the \simultaneous be causing the problem?

Also ... when I specify the linewidth and textheight, run the .ly and generate 
the .ps, then look at it in gv - often it will be on one page (most of my stuff 
is like that). When I go to print it, I will lose the copyright across the 
bottom.  Further, on some pages which have textheight = 240.00 \mm it works, 
while others with it as 230.00 \mm it chopped it off - yet in both cases, 
Ghostview showed it to be on 1 page - complete and perfect the way I want it.  
I tried ps2pdf and although these look fine, they too will print out 
inconsistently.  Is this a problem through Lilypond? the printer driver? 
Ghostview?  If it's a simple margin thingy, just TELL me so, and I'll work 
within it - just end this guessing!!

Thanks to all, you've been most helpful, and patient!


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