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Font problem? Extended character set

From: Hans Forbrich
Subject: Font problem? Extended character set
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 23:44:44 -0700

A) Environment:
a) Lilypond 1.6.5, Cygwin installation, using 'install now' from web site, replacing existing version (1.4.2?) on a Windows 98 SE system.
b) Using Notepad to input a (German) song - 1 voice and piano.  Entering words with german umlauts.  Targetting 'letter' paper. 
c) Lilypond novice at this - have been using Mutopia as a tutorial supplement, but I understand that some constructs may be obsolete.
B) Symptoms:
Default setting displays the umlaut properly.  However, I only get 2 lines (voice, lyrics & piano) per page, so I added the "\include "paper??.ly" line (??= 16 & 13).  Resulting font smaller, but no umlaut characters AND any occurances of characters 'fl' in the lyrics disappear.  (However, 'Fl' is OK).
C) Questions:
1) From I understand that the old .pk and .tfm files need to be removed - are these replaced?  In other words, if I remove them now, does that imply a reinstall is required.  Or is post-install removal sufficient?
2) Do the symptoms describe a known issue?  If so, is there a known fix or workaround?  (And, if so, what is it?)  Else ... suggestions/advice appreciated.
3) (somewhat off topic) Any documentation describing 'best practices' or 'successful methods' for using Lilypond? 
D) Code:
. notes, etc ...
\include ""
\score {
   \simultaneous { \Singer \piano }
   \paper { papersize = "letter" }
Many thanks in advance

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