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Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)

From: Suzanne E. Blatt
Subject: Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 10:46:25 -0500

Graham Percival <address@hidden> wrote:

>On Sat, 09 Nov 2002 19:26:44 -0500
>address@hidden (Suzanne E. Blatt) wrote:
>> \score {
>>  \simultaneous {
>>   \addlyrics
>>       \property Staff.skipbars = ##t
>Why are you skipping bars?  Is there any un-skipbars?

This is not what I code in, this is the output produced by NoteEdit.

>I'm still not certain if the error is actually with the \translator
>section.  Try commenting out a lot of your code, and try to get it to

How do I 'comment out' my code?

>I recommend that you use the preset paper sizes if possible.
>for example,
>\paper {papersize=letter}

This is what I am using.  I specify this in my \paper, along with my linewidth 
and textheight, and usually in gv, it tells me that my paper is 'A4'.  I change 
it to 'Letter' - still see everything on one page and assume all is well - 
which oftentimes it is not.  Does this mean that the program isn't recognizing 
my papersize = letter ?


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