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Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)

From: Suzanne E. Blatt
Subject: Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 22:43:57 -0500

>OK, I'm confused.  Do you want us to help you understand how Lilypond
>input files work, or do you want us to fix bugs in Noteedit export

I'm trying to narrow down whether or not the problem is in Lilypond or 
NoteEdit.  Is there a reference list of the error messages and what they mean 
somewhere?  If I understood what the error was telling me, perhaps I could 
figure it out myself.

I did finally figure out the paper sizing problem.  It appears that on some 
files I had 'pagesize' and others I had 'papersize'.  As I didn't get an error 
message on the 'pagesize' - I didn't clue in.

Thanks for the help,

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