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Re: PS failure with 1.6.6

From: Carter Brey
Subject: Re: PS failure with 1.6.6
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 09:56:19 -0500
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Mark Hindley wrote:


I have exactly  the same problem. Just upgraded to 1.6.6 from 1.4 12 on top of
Debian woody. Installed from .deb.

In fact it is even stranger: xdvi (22.29) fails to find the file,
whereas oxdvik (22.40f) succeeds (but the PS specials don't look good --
ledger-lines are too high by about 1/4 notehead, braces too small)

Looks as though xdvi doesn't even look for
with kpathsea!!
Yeah, I also tried making symlinks to dvips from ps and tex in /usr/local/share/lilypond. Still no go. I'll just wait for 1.6.7 and hope the problem goes away as my passive-aggressive contribution to LilyPond development.


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