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Extenders in lyrincs ending / Dashed slurs

From: Felipe Massia
Subject: Extenders in lyrincs ending / Dashed slurs
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:48:20 -0200


1) Extenders: I'd like to use an extender in the lyrics ending. The
definition says the extender goes until the start of the next syllable.
But in the ending I dont' have a last syllable. Consider this piece with

\context Voice = VB { \notes \relative c' { c2( a2 | )b1 | a1( | ) a1 | } }
\context Lyrics = engLyrs { \lyrics { O __ O __ } }

The last extender is not being printed. I don't know much about music,
so if it should really not be printed, please ignore.

2) Dashed slurs: I have a piece written for two languages. With the
first language there are no slurs (because there are more syllables).
With the second language there are slurs. I'd like to write the two
lines of lyrics, with dashed slurs but I don't know how to choose dashed style 
for the slurs. Notice that some of the slurs must be solid.

thanks in advance,

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