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Re: no rests in tablature?

From: William R Brohinsky
Subject: Re: no rests in tablature?
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 17:59:39 -0500

In tab, timing is remoted from the indications of notes: the timing is
relegated to the stems above the letters. Each stem indicates how long
it will be before the next stem (or implicit stem, since tabs often
leave off repeated time-value stems). There is no indication of when a
note is supposed to be held or released.

While it might be nice to have that ability, using rests in the lines of
the tab staff is not a nice way to do it. Rests are sometimes notated by
stems that have no letters under them, and this is generally a better
solution anyway, since the timing-attention of the player is focused
above the staff, while the translate-letters-to-fret-closings attention
is focused in the lines of the staff.

To be forthright, if your music is complex to the point where you need
to indicate rests, you probably should be using regular music notation,
which affords considerably more control over note-length and release

For everything you gain in the world, you lose something.


Karl Berry wrote:
>     > In lilypond 1.6.6 (and earlier), it seems that rests are not output in
>     > tablature.  It would be nice to do this;
>     Please do not add that.  DaveA
> Dare I ask why not?  Why is it bad to output rests?
> In any case, it could be an option, so that the rests could be output or
> not, depending on the needs at hand.
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