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Re: Adding text to multi-measure rest

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: Adding text to multi-measure rest
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 16:33:23 -0700
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Graham Percival wrote:

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 15:36:20 -0700
Paul Scott <address@hidden> wrote:
What objects can I attach text like:

^#'((bold "To B. Cl."))

to?  In this case there are no notes to attach to.

What I want it above is R1*8 R1*3.

<R1*8 s1^#"blah blah"> R1*3

Ah! That reminder should open a lot of possibilities. Ok. It gives me something musically correct but divides the R1*8 into an r1 followed by an R1*7. I can live with that since I have a rehearsal in a few hours but I'm curious to know if I can't get exactly what I want. What I tried was:

< {R1*8} { s1^#"To B. Cl." } > R1*3

I added the braces after the first try divided the R1*8 into r1 + R1*7

You might even be able to do R1*8^#"blah" directly, but I'm not

I tried that and it didn't work with 1.6.4.  The text just wasn't visible.

 I know that the space (s1) method works.

Of course without the < > the s1 doesn't work.  I tried that also.



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