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multiple scores, different pages?

From: Suzanne E. Blatt
Subject: multiple scores, different pages?
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 08:43:41 -0500


I have a new problem.  In any given song, I want to adjust the interscoreline 
distance on my refrain differently than on my verses.  What I have been doing 
is creating 2 scores: 1 for the verses and 1 for the refrain.  My problem is 
that the output results in the verses on 1 page and the refrain on the second, 
even when there is room for the whole thing on one page.  My code looks like 
the following:

\include ""

\header { "blah" }

\score { \notes { \addlyrics
          \notes relative c' {
             blah blah notes blah }
         \lyrics \context LyricsVoice <
           \context LyricsVoice = "Verse_1" {
             \property LyricsVoice . stanza = "Verse 1"
                  blah blah words blah }
         [repeat the above for Verses 2, 3 etc.]
   \paper { define paper size, linewidth, textheight, interscoreline }

\score { \notes { \addlyrics
         \notes \relative c' {
              blah blah notes blah }
         \context Lyrics \lyrics {
              blah blah refrain blah }
   \paper { define papersize, linewidth, textheight, interscoreline}

Any ideas as to why its putting these on individual pages?  I have checked that 
the papersize is the same in both, with linewidth and textheight being the same 
as well.  The only difference in the \paper relates to the interscoreline 
distance - which I want to be different.


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