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Re: Having scandinavic letters in headers

From: Heikki . Pollari
Subject: Re: Having scandinavic letters in headers
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 12:30:37 +0200


Thank you of your prompt answer.
Actually you didn't asnwer to my question, but I found the answer from one of 
the example
In the header files I have to write three backslashes before the letter, for 
"M\\\"ott\\\"onen" instead of "M\"ott\"onen". I don't know if this comes from 
the latex
notation or where.

best rgds,
Heikki Pollari

              Hans Forbrich <address@hidden>                                    
              25.11.2002 16:59                                                  

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Subject:    Re: Having scandinavic letters in headers

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Most of the music I write is using the German umlaut characters in the heading 
the lyrics.

Right now I use Cygwin (currently 1.6.5, but I also did this in 4.x), and I 
tend to
use Windows Notepad or Wordpad for basic editing.  The workaround I've created 
myself is to create a comment towards the top of the file with all the 
(created easily in MS Word), and then I copy and paste the specific character
directly while editing the file.  Cumbersome, not elegant, but workable.


address@hidden wrote:

> Hallo!
> Lilypond version 1.4.12.jcn5.
> Is there any possibility to write the right song names and song writer names 
> like
> "Möttönen" in the the headers?
> Even if I use notation 'M\"ott\"onen' it doesn't print right.
> Best rgds,
> Heikki Pollari
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