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Re: more Scandinavian2

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: more Scandinavian2
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 18:16:50 +0100
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David Bobroff wrote:
Mats Bengtsson wrote:

The problem is that the TeX code that Lilypond outputs uses low-level
TeX font selection commands, not the NFSS font selection scheme of
LaTeX2e. As long as you don't have any national characters in the
actual music (lyrics or text scripts), it will work fine to use
the fontenc package to specify the T1 encoding.

Ok, I mostly understand this.  I'm a bit confused by something, though.  If
I run lilypond on my file *without* any LaTeX wrapper I find this in my
*.latex file:


??? Now I'm confused. The command lilypond gives you a .tex file
which doesn't contain any \usepackage commands at all.
Are you refering to the file in the directory ly2dvi.dir/ that
ly2dvi -k produces?

It happens that my LaTeX distribution (within Cygwin) does not seem to
recognize this package.  If I edit this line to read:

What tetex packages did you install (look in /etc/setup/ in
the cygwin directory tree)? The inputenc package is included
both in the tetex-tiny and the full tetex-base package.


I can then run LaTeX and then dvips, and it will display the otherwise
missing characters.  However, if I try to run ps2pdf I get a pdf file that
won't display properly.  The page size is wrong.

I don't think the page size is wrong, it's the placement of the music
on the page. I think this has been solved in version 1.6.6, which
unfortunately is not available yet in Cygwin.

If I let ly2dvi run it
all the way to pdf for me, I can't get the Icelandic letter in because I
have to edit the *.latex file.

Catch 22

Not at all! Just run ly2dvi with the flag -k, go to the directory
ly2dvi.dir/, edit the latex wrapper file XXX.latex and run
latex XXX.latex.
Personally, I prefer to use lilypond-book in all these situations where
I want to change the default LaTeX wrapper given by ly2dvi.


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