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From: David Bobroff
Subject: Scandinavian3
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 18:07:50 +0000

>??? Now I'm confused. The command lilypond gives you a .tex file
>which doesn't contain any \usepackage commands at all.
>Are you refering to the file in the directory ly2dvi.dir/ that
>ly2dvi -k produces?

Now I'm puzzled.  No *.latex file is being produced now.  At no time did I
use the -k option.  In fact, I deleted the *.latex file several times
(along with *.aux, *.log, and *.dvi) to be sure I wasn't getting things
contaminated by prior runs of lily.  Evil spirits, I guess.  Would the -P
or -p options generate *.latex files?

>I don't think the page size is wrong, it's the placement of the music
>on the page. I think this has been solved in version 1.6.6, which
>unfortunately is not available yet in Cygwin.

Ok, that is a reasonable explanation for what is happening.

>What tetex packages did you install (look in /etc/setup/ in
>the cygwin directory tree)? The inputenc package is included
>both in the tetex-tiny and the full tetex-base package.

I have:


>Not at all! Just run ly2dvi with the flag -k, go to the directory
>ly2dvi.dir/, edit the latex wrapper file XXX.latex and run
>latex XXX.latex.

Right, I'll make a note of that and experiment.

>Personally, I prefer to use lilypond-book in all these situations where
>I want to change the default LaTeX wrapper given by ly2dvi.

What \documentclass is normally used with lilypond-book?



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