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From: David Bobroff
Subject: Scandinavian6
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:10:47 +0000

>~$ zgrep inputenc /etc/setup/tetex.tiny.lst.gz
>Are you sure that you don't have this file on your system?
>Maybe it's enough to update the file name database by
>calling 'texhash'?

Well, it's there, right where you said it should be.  As for calling
'texhash', I did that after downloading/installing the EC font files.  Now
I've just done it again (can't hurt) and it still does not recognize
\usepackage[t1]{fontenc} but it does understand \usepackage{t1enc}, which I
believe is the "old fashioned" way of doing that.

>Correct, Type1 versions of the ecrm fonts are not available in
>teTeX. Since last year, there are free versions of these files, though,
>that you can install yourself. See

Oh, I assumed that there was some strange problem with Metafont and some
printer config business in connection with MF sources.  Are you saying that
Type1 PS EC fonts are available?  I'll look for these.

>> Still only one page is produced and not everything (only the first system)
>> is produced.
>Weird! Have you tried some other example as well?

Not yet.  With this score, however, if I do anything but ly2dvi I don't get
the correct page layout.  I tried using lilypond-book and got no headers
and only one system per page.  Strange.


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