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Re: mass skip

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: mass skip
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 17:51:48 +0100

Erik Sandberg wrote:

> Is there a way of mass converting all the notes of a voice (or staff) to
> skips? I.e. a way to make
> fis4_\p g8 g8_\f e16\_mf
> work like
> s4_\p s8 s8_\f s16\_mf
> (I want to copy the scripts of one staff into all the other staves, so I just
> want to extract those scripts from the staff, which this would achieve).

This can be achieved by creating a special thread context where you
remoce the notehead-engraver:

mela = \notes \relative c' { a-. c e-> a\fermata }
melb = \notes \relative c' { c g'2 c'4 }
\score {
      \context Voice=va \mela
      \context Voice=vb <
          \context NoHeadThread \mela
  \paper {
      \translator {
          \accepts NoHeadThread
      \translator {
          \name NoHeadThread
          \alias Thread
          \remove Note_heads_engraver


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