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Re: lilypond-book

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: lilypond-book
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 13:56:02 +0100
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This is one of the things that should be possible to do now that
Werner Lemberg has fixed the TeX code in Lilypond. However, you
have to realize that lilypond-book still is a fairly simple program
that cuts out lilypond code to a separate file, runs lilypond on it
and inserts a few lines in the LaTeX file that includes the Lilypond
results. In the Lilypond code, it adds a few lines of code to specify
the length of the score lines. However, very simple pattern matching
is done to find out the page layout of the LaTeX document and
lilypond-book is not smart enough to realize that the music examples
in your table only should have half the line widht of the rest of the
I have not tried your example, but a first step to make it functional
would be to add an option \begin[linewidth=85mm]{lilypond}. Also, you
may have to add also the option 'noquote'.


David Bobroff wrote:
I am trying to put some very short musical examples on a page laid out in
this order:

1       2       
3       4
5       6


I'm using lilypond-book and LaTeX.  I tried setting up a 'tabular'
environment to get this effect but that just gives me error messages about
a missing '}'.

Here is a short example of what I'm trying to do.  The two short bits of
music below should be on the same line but are separate from each other.
Rather like what is in the PS docs on pages 9 and 12.  I looked for the
source file for the docs but did not find them.  I had hoped to use that as
a guide for doing this.



\begin{tabular}{ c  c }
\notes \transpose bes' \relative c, {

\key c \major
\clef F
\time 4/4
c4( d g d | )c1-\fermata \bar "|."



\notes \transpose a' \relative c, {

\key c \major
\clef F
\time 4/4
c4( d g d | )c1-\fermata \bar "|."




David Bobroff

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