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Key and accidentals in Lilypond

From: s.abeccara
Subject: Key and accidentals in Lilypond
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 14:56:10 +0100

When I state a key for a piece in Lilypond I expect it to follow
common rules for writing music, i.e. not to put natural signs on every
note which should be "altered" in that key (e.g., in D major, for f
and c) Infact, when writing music by hand, alterations are put on the
key to spare the work of putting them on every single note which is
altered in that key with respect to C major! Instead, Lilypond puts
natural signs on every note which is not explicitely written with an
accidental, which is quite disappointing, since it does know where
accidentals should NOT be put!
So I think there ought to be a way to change this unlogical, and
unmusical, behaviour of lilypond. I'm sure there are experts out there
who know this (after all simple) solution.

Thanks and best regards

Silvio a Beccara

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