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Re: Special Accidental Macro needed.

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Special Accidental Macro needed.
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 17:03:12 +0100

Matthias Geier wrote:

> What I need: There should be accidentials before every note, even if
> it's just a natural sign. On note repetitions there should be an
> accidental only before the first note and nothing before the following.
> It's the way Schoenberg used to typeset his works.

Uh, I am afraid that this is currently not possible with the accidental
I am working on major restructuring on the accidental engraver - and
hence I don't really feel like making changes to the existing one. It is
good that you mention this now so that the new engraver will have these

Well, I can solve half of your problem:
If you wan't accidentals on ALL notes (i.e. without skipping accidentals
on repeated notes) then you could do something like

\score {
    \notes \transpose c''
        \property Staff.keySignature = #'((0 . T) (1 . T) (2 . T) (3 . T) (4 .
T) (5 . T) (6 . T))
        c cis cis dis c dis des c
    \paper {
        \translator {
            \remove Key_engraver

However, to remove accidentals on repeated notes you would have to hack
into the accidental_engraver (the engraver currently knows nothing about
the "last note").

Alternatively one could make a scheme_function that adds ! to all notes
that are not repeated from the previous note-column. Cannot really try
this out myself because I cannot build the devel version atm.


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