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From: s.abeccara
Subject: Manual
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:31:57 +0100

Dear Mats,

thank you for your reply. As for improving the manual, I would suggest
to put in the documentation some fully commented example of (most
common) various types of music pieces that can be written, with all
the elements needed. For instance, a choral piece, with lyrics, tempo,
crescendo, and so on, maybe written in different fashions as regarding
the font, or section rendering. Then a piece for a band, and so on.
I've seen the examples given in the URL's cited by you, but I think
that they're too "strange" and short (perfect to test the program, but
not to be used as a template) to be helpful.
Thanks, good work and best regards

Silvio a Beccara

| s.abeccara wrote:
| > Dear David,
| >
| > thank you for your reply, it is helpful and understandable. Your
| > suggestion to use ABC sounds good. Could you give me an URL to it?
| Take a look at
| Strangely enough, abc2ly is not mentioned there,
| see
| > Now I see the point in Lilypond needing explicit alterations on notes.
| > Some of the replies I got were discouraging for a newcomer in this
| > field, while being not clear enough. Like, after all, the Lilypond
| > manual. Which, to me, is uncomplete and lacks good, workable examples
| > for some basic features of written music (e.g.: how do I write tempo
| > notation in a piece? How do I change fonts? How do I align lyrics
| > extending over long groups of notes?), while expanding on very complex
| > and refined matters.
| Yes, writing a good manual is, in many aspect, a more challenging task
| than to implement the actual software. We appreciate any hints on what
| can be improved. However, the list of "basic features" would be
| extremely long if it was complete. One good source of information,
| in addition to the manual itself is the collection of small examples
| found on the web page in
| and
| All the source files for these examples should also be included in
| the installation (at least if you installed the Lilypond package in
| RedHat, Debian or Cygwin), probably somewhere in
| /usr/doc/lilypond/input/ or /usr/share/doc/lilypond/input/.
| There, you will also find a set of template files for common tasks.
| > The output of Lilypond is a mint, its capabilities are great, but I
| > think one has to pay a bit too much to get them working. Maybe
| > something could be made easier, or explained more clearly? Anyway I
| > think I'm going to try Noteedit or Rosegarden, maybe they could
| > save me some hassle.
| My guess is that you soon will discover that it is easier and
| faster to input the Lilypond files directly.
|    /Mats

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