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Re: Fis or not fis, that is the question.

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Re: Fis or not fis, that is the question.
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:49:10 -0000

Hi there,

David Bobroff says:
> The authors have made their decision regarding the
> input syntax.  I don't think they want to change it.  It does have sound
> reasoning behind it, even if it feels awkward at first.

I agree, it's too late to change it.
I think that the distinction as to which is best is rather like C/C++
programmer's preferences for bracing style, both have pros and cons and
everybody has a different slant on which they prefer. I have to say I have
got used to Lily's notation style as I have got used to 3 different C brace
notation styles over the years and you just live with it and get on with the

Graham Percival wrote:
> Given the confusion over this, we should add a note in the tutorial. 

I think this is a good idea.
I'm still not convinced that it wouldn't have been better to allow Lily to
operate PMX-style and save some potential keyboard errors as well as not
being totally convinced about the philosophical arguments and like it or
not, the key sig and the notes are irrevocably coupled together to specify
music that makes sense. They might as well complement each other. However, I
can see how including the appropriate sharps/flats in the notes sequences
makes \transpose easier to code.
I find that about 90% of all my typing errors when transcribing music are
related to forgotten sharps/flats especially when transcribing bass clef
which I am less familiar with.

Having said that all, we haggle over mere detail; Lily is free (as in beer &
speech) and it's mega.
I'm just about to try and get into Lilybook, to typeset some Christmas Carol
books for a band I play with; should be interesting.
I haven't done any REAL LaTeX for a good number of years.

Keep up the good work guys....


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