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general questions

From: David Bobroff
Subject: general questions
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 17:57:01 +0000

I've got a few Lilypond projects in varying degrees of completeness.  I'm
finding that I need to settle on some general approach that will work well.
 Some specifics:

Score vs Parts

If I keep all the notes for a piece in one file what is the "proper" (not
that there is one "right" way) method of adding any needed instances of
'\break' to keep lines from getting overcrowded?  I have such a score.  In
the score it looks fine but in an extracted part there is a line with too
many measures (they're all rests, there are lots of time signature
changes).  It seems tedious to go through the file manually and add
'\break' every place that needs it.  Is the solution to put in '\skip'
followed by '\break' in the part extracting file to place the line breaks
where I want them?

I suppose it depends on the piece in question but what do most of you
experienced Lilypond users do with your notes files?  Do you tend to keep
all the notes in a single file, or do you separate the
instruments/movements into different files and thenm combine them?  How
much do you depend on lilypond-book as opposed to 'plain' lilypond to deal
with page layout issues?


David Bobroff

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