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Lilypond-book & LaTeX

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Lilypond-book & LaTeX
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 13:33:09 -0000

Hi All,
Sorry for being a dunce, but I know little of LaTeX (not having used it for
years!) and I'm trying to get the manual example running.
The lilypond-book bit seems to work OK, but I can't get seem to get LaTeX to
find the feta font files.
I've tried fiddling with TEXINPUTS and TEXMF but to no avail.



Here is what I get:

This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.3.1)
LaTeX2e <2000/06/01>
Babel <v3.7h> and hyphenation patterns for american, french, german,
ngerman, i
talian, nohyphenation, loaded.
Document Class: article 2000/05/19 v1.4b Standard LaTeX document class
(/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/graphics/dvips.def)) (lilbook.aux)
(lily-1115171988.tex (/usr/local/share/lilypond/1.7.4/tex/lilyponddefs.tex
(/usr/local/share/lilypond/1.7.4/tex/lilypond-latex.tex LaTeX definitions)
(/usr/local/share/lilypond/1.7.4/tex/feta20.tex)kpathsea: Running mktextfm
mktextfm: Running mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input feta16
This is METAFONT, Version 2.7182 (Web2C 7.3.1)
kpathsea: Running mktexmf  feta16

! I can't find file `feta16'.
<*> ...:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input feta16
Please type another input file name
! Emergency stop.
<*> ...:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input feta16
Transcript written on mfput.log.
mktextfm: `mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input feta16' failed.
kpathsea: Appending font creation commands to missfont.log.

! Font \fetasixteen=feta16 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.
<to be read again> 
l.51 \def
! Emergency stop.
<to be read again> 
l.51 \def
No pages of output.
Transcript written on lilbook.log.


I have Lily 1.7.4 on Redhat 8.
Ly2dvi works fine.

Contents of /usr/local/share/lilypond/1.7.4/fonts/tfm:

feta11.tfm, feta13.tfm, feta16.tfm, feta19.tfm, feta20.tfm, feta23.tfm, 
feta26.tfm, feta-braces0.tfm, feta-braces1.tfm, feta-braces2.tfm, 
feta-braces3.tfm, feta-braces4.tfm, feta-braces5.tfm, feta-braces6.tfm, 
feta-braces7.tfm, feta-braces8.tfm, feta-din10.tfm, feta-din11.tfm, 
feta-din12.tfm, feta-din13.tfm, feta-din14.tfm, feta-din17.tfm, 
feta-din19.tfm, feta-din4.tfm, feta-din5.tfm, feta-din6.tfm, feta-din7.tfm, 
feta-din8.tfm, feta-din9.tfm, feta-nummer10.tfm, feta-nummer7.tfm, 
parmesan11.tfm, parmesan13.tfm, parmesan16.tfm, parmesan19.tfm, 
parmesan20.tfm, parmesan23.tfm, parmesan26.tfm

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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