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LilyPond using texlive

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: LilyPond using texlive
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 02:29:51 +0100

I think I have tried everything to get lilypond up and running with
kpathsea at the uni - running some texlive distribuition.
ly2dvi produce no errors - and a test-kpathsea-script also appear to be

Nevertheless - on the resulting dvi, tex-output goes wrong - lilypond
thinks that all texts have zero width - and hence output is badly

The snippet

\score {
        \notes \transpose e' \relative c' \context Staff {
            \property Staff.instrument = "Foo Bar"
            c d e f g a b c c8 b a g f e d c r2 r4 r \bar "|." 
        \lyrics \context Lyrics
        { En kort, en laaaaaaaaaang, en trekant, en stang }

produces the attached output.

Have anybody been able to install lilypond with texlive?
Have anybody seen something like this before?
Shouldn't it be possible to generate error messages when something goes
wrong? I have attached the output (gzipoed) from ly2dvi -V on the
example - with KPATHSEA_DEBUG set to -1.

Please help.

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