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Re: Ties between enharmonic pitches?

From: Jonas Lindström
Subject: Re: Ties between enharmonic pitches?
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 02:39:20 +0100
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2002-12-23 00:19 skrev Han-Wen Nienhuys:
address@hidden writes:

RZ> I realize that we often see tied enharmonic notes in printed music, but RZ> I sort of agree with the main developers that it is an impossible RZ> construct (the notes ARE NOT the same note)

Some types of pipe organs have different keys for both sharps and flats.

In which case the proper notation is a a slur, not a tie, IMO.

OK, I can live with that. After some tweaking, I got the output I wanted. So I am happy :-)

The solution wasn't exactly straight-forward, though. What I wanted to do was something like this:

\score {
    \notes \relative c' {
        \time 3/4
        \clef violin
        \notes { f4( a as ~ | )gis a c }
        \context Lyrics \lyrics { Li -- ly -- pond }
    \paper { linewidth = -1 }

When this didn't work, I tried to replace the tie with a slur as you suggested:

        \notes { f4( a as( | ))gis a c }

But I cannot nest the slurs. (Why not?) So my third attempt was:

        \notes { f4\( a as( | )\)gis a c }

Now the notes look OK, but the lyrics need to be fixed.

        \notes { f4\( \melisma a as( | )\)gis \melismaEnd a c }

As I said, the output now looks fine. But I do consider it a workaround. Semantically it is quite different from my initial attempt. Perhaps there is a better way?

God jul!
Merry Christmas!
Jonas Lindström

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