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wiki feature request

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: wiki feature request
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 22:19:18 +0000

I noticed that you said that it would "never happen" to put lilypond 
source and tex all in one file, but I think that would be as simple as
putting the source after "\bye" wouldn't it?

It would be better to zip them up anyway of course.

Please consider the following.  I don't think you look at the feature
requests very often, and maybe someone has a better way.  Is
wiki a black hole for feature requests?

Please allow the fingering of chords in the same way you do single 
notes now, but a note explicitly within <brackets>, if fingered, would 
have the finger immediately before the head indicated cis-4, 
immediately above the head indicated cis^4 or immediately below the 
head indicated cis_4, regardless of the staff lines or other notes. 
Fingering has to precede accidentals and notes on the same stem of 
course, but that's it. Someone who wanted to do single notes that way 
could simply put them in brackets. Simple, efficient, intuitive.

IOW in the way *Mozart* fingered illustrated in Gardner Read, not the 
way Gardner Read likes. I can't agree however that putting fingering to 
the right of a note is a good idea. It was a careless practice 
resulting from fingering being an afterthought.

Fingering will never be both automatic and good, because it is an art 
and not a science.


"Melody is the gift of God."
--Quincy Jones
"No, it isn't."  dra@ or

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