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Re: Noteedit

From: s.abeccara
Subject: Re: Noteedit
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 14:55:09 +0100

Dear Aaron,

Thanks you for your advice, I think I will try Denemo. Is there an RPM
for Mandrake? I mostly need to write choral music, SATB type, and
sometimes some percussions underneath it. I would really like a good
GUI to Lilypond, for when I write something long, and I go back to
modify something, I often can't figure out where I am!

I remember you also posted a message about typing hebrew lyrics: I
don't know if it can work, but have you ever tried M-Tx? Being a
preprocessor to PMX (which is in turn a preprocessor to MusiXTeX) it
could allow using the Babel module for Hebrew. The problem arises as
to how write the music from left to right and the words from right to
left, I reckon...

Thanks, best wishes


| I also had no sucess needs lots of dependencies.
| for notation needs try as follows
| for folksongs abcm2ps and the abc language
| Lilypond is

a bit more complicated.
| Denemo is probably the best bet so far for a gui, but be careful the
| version crashed for me a lot.
| There are many more options depending on your needs.
| I have tried a lot of them so If you like I can help fit a notation
tool to
| your needs.
| Aaron
| On Wed,  8 Jan 2003 08:45:34 +0100, s.abeccara <address@hidden>
| > Is there anyone in the list using Noteedit on Mandrake? I tried to
| > install it, but did not succeed. Thanks for any help!
| >
| > Silvio - Italy

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