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Re: Upgrading

From: milan . m . horak
Subject: Re: Upgrading
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 00:59:31 -0100

On 20-Dec-02 Mats Bengtsson wrote:

> First of all, I hope you have tried to use convert-ly to upgrade
> your files to the new Lilypond version. Unfortunately, it will not
> handle everything, but most of the features should work fine.

It is a pitty this routine did not want to handle my files. It told me it 
could not determine the version (how it could, there is no 
"version"-definition inside!). But, the main part of the conversion consists 
of the replacements ";" -> "" and "\clef x" -> "\clef x \major" and it can be 
done quite quickly.

> Next, go to, click on Search (in the left column)
> and search for, e.g., voiceone to find out that it's
> not called \voiceOne

I have found out not the names of the macros have changed. In the older 
version, the \voiceOne had automatically its stems up. In this version, both 
\voiceOne and \voiceTwo have their stems down, and I have found nothing to 
alter it (\stemUp seems not to work in this case). Do you know something 
about this feature?

> For the auto beaming, the predefined macros are now called
> \autoBeamOff and \autoBeamOn, respectively. I'm afraid the
> only full list of predefined macros like these is the file
> .../share/lilypond/1.6.x/ly/

Thanks, it is very useful to know, I have learned a lot in this file. 
Only, it is a pitty the concerned macros \voiceOne and \voiceTwo are defined 
using "make-voice-props-set" of which I have found no definition.

Is somebody using the \voiceOne and \voiceTwo macros? How do you manage e.g. 
the soprano and alto in one staff to have stems in the opposite directions?
(In the older version, it worked automatically.)

     Milan M. Horak

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