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Re: Problems with grace notes, barlines, accidentals

From: Hans Forbrich
Subject: Re: Problems with grace notes, barlines, accidentals
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 11:45:02 -0700

If I understand grace notes correctly, they do not take any time from the base
notes.  The first alternative therefore has only 7 - 8ths of the 4/4 tempo ....
or the baseline before the alternative is a 7/8 partial measure and the
alternative starts 1/8 into the second bar (or some other 'partial' measure

While this may not reflect the original music, try adding a "s8" immediately
before the end of the first alternative (in both voices), comment out or remove
the \property Score.defaultBarType and the \bar "|" statements, and ponder the
result.  Another possibility is the \grace note in the first alternative is a
base note, not a grace.

Also note that, if my understanding of grace notes is correct, the \grace {s8}
that appear, especially in voice2 are totally unnecessary, and even distracting.

As an aside, I find that trying to override Lilypond with anything other than
positioning or style (eg: 4/4 vs 'C') is frequently useless - it adds to the
maintenance, causes me no end of puttering, and Lily generally comes very close
to the 'right' thing anyway.  So the first thing I do after conversion is strip
out everything except the notes, add bar checks, and look at the result to start
making 'engraving' decisions.   (To that end, I wish the converters had a 'notes
only' option!)


Laura Conrad wrote:

> >>>>> "Jan" == Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> writes:
>     >> Presumably something (probably the grace note) has lily
>     >> confused about where the measure starts.
>     Jan> Yes, you have me confused too.  It looks like instead of setting
>     Jan> barType to empty, and adding bar-line glyphs at other places,
> This is how abc2ly works.  I don't think having it parse every measure
> for whether it's partial is a good idea.
>     Jan> you'd better add a (some?) \partial commands; to tell lily
>     Jan> how much beats there are left in the measure.
> The measures are all 4/4 bars.  There's nothing really wierd about
> this.  The grace notes must be what's confusing.
> So it looks like the workaround for the grace note bug includes a \partial as
> well as (or instead of?) the \grace{s8}, when the grace note is in the
> middle of a measure.  It doesn't seem to be necessary when the grace
> note is at the start of a measure for some reason
> Attached is the fixed file.  I still think not having a bar line (or
> some syntax that allows specification of a barline) at the start of
> the first alternate is a bug.
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