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Re: Joining stems in two voices

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Joining stems in two voices
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 14:06:43 +0100
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The trick is to let the two lines of music belong to the same
Voice context when you want the stems joined and to different
Voice contexts when you want them separate.

Then, you could say something like:
VoiceFour = \notes \relative c' {
  r2 a2 | d,4 d a'2 | \translator Voice = three r2 a | d, d a2
  ... \translator Voice = four ...

Possibly, you have to keep the Voice context "four" alive with
spacing notes in a parallel line of music to keep all the
property settings (i.e. the \VoiceFour settings).

By the way, are you really sure that you want \voiceFour and
not \voiceTwo?


Daniel Ashton wrote:


I thought I'd seen this in the tutorial, but now I cannot find it.

I have two voices on one staff. At times their rhythms are the same. I want to specify that their stems should be joined during certain sections.

I know that I can do something like this:

\include ""

Key = \notes \key a \minor

VoiceThree = \notes \relative c' {
  r2 cs2 | d4 d cs2

VoiceFour = \notes \relative c' {
  r2 a2 | d,4 d a'2 | r2 <cs a> | <d4 d,> <d d,> <cs2 a>

\score {
  \context Staff = leftHand <
    \clef F
    \context Voice=three { \voiceOne \VoiceThree }
    \context Voice=four  { \voiceTwo \VoiceFour  }

I'd prefer to enter something like the first two measures, but at times to see what's printed by the second two measures. Is there any way to have stems joined across two voices?



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