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Re: top and bottom margins

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: top and bottom margins
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 17:03:31 +0100
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clive CATTERALL wrote:
I only get the digest form of this list so I apologise if someone has dived
in and answered this already.

I found the (somewhat confusingly named) variable textheight.  This sets th
vertical amount of the page available for lilypond to fill with music.

The naming is familiar if you have even used LaTeX. You can find it
documented in the reference manual section on ly2dvi and in the section
on "Page layout".

There sppear to be no command to explicitly set the margins as the actual
vertical extent of the music is determined by the nature of the staves, and
the spacing between them, (also how many notes extending above and below the
outer staves?).  Thus the top and bottom margins are a little variable, but
you can allow more space to fill with music by setting the textheight
variable within the \paper block:

  \paper {
   textheight= 26.0 \cm

The top and bottom margins are determined solely on the textheight
parameter. However, the score lines will not be spread to fill the
full page unless you set the paper variable interscorelinefill=1
(also in the reference manual, Section "Page layout").

I am not sure why the variable textheight does not have a backslash in front
of it.  Clearly I don't understand enough about the use of identifiers!

Since you set it and don't use it. Similarly you say
violinpart = \notes {...} to set an identifier and
to use it.

I don't know whether collisions between footers and music are handled if the
space for music and header and footer text overlap.

The footer will fall off the page if you increase the textheight too
much. See the LaTeX documentation of the package geometry to find out
all the details (just run the command 'textdoc geometry' if you have
teTeX installed).

Apologies if this is old hat to you experienced users, but I note from many
examples in the mutopia list that many people leave this as the default
value and kill more trees than I would consider guilty.

Isn't "Page layout" and "ly2dvi" the relevant sections of the Reference
Manual too look at? Please tell how can it be improved!


Clive Catterall

baroque flutes made using traditional methods and

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From: clive CATTERALL <address@hidden>
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Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 7:42 PM
Subject: top and bottom margins

I have a problem fitting the first movement of one of Telemann's canonical
sonatas for two flutes onto two pages to avoid having to turn pages in the
middle of a movement.

In one of the mutopia lilypond files I have found the (undocumented?)
ChoirStaff context which seems successfully to put a brace around the


of the two grouped staves allowing the spacing between staff groups to be
relatively small without your eye skipping to the wrong staff while

However, when using ly2dvi I seem to get an enormous space at the top and
bottom of the music, presumably for documentation.  I'd rather put this
information on the flysheet, as is common practise.  I can find no
documentation about altering the top and bottom margin.  I found no
references in the past postings to this group, so does anyone know how to



Currently using 16pt I have a space of 41 mm between the top staff and the
top of the page and 81mm at the bottom.  I have 5 pairs of staves on the
page and the A4 Barenreiter edition I am working from has 7 perfectly
legible staves of the same size per page!

Clive Catterall
baroque flutes made using traditional methods and materials

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