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Re: Is Lilypond right for me?

From: Beton, Richard
Subject: Re: Is Lilypond right for me?
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:53:04 +0000
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Guido Amoruso wrote:

I know are some people that are already working on (or thinking about) a
MusicXML-->SVG converter. IMHO it will be a hard task and I doubt there
will be concrete results in the near future, but that is little
important, because developmente branch of Lilypond can already produce
beautilul SVG, too! And to match such high output quality will be very

I'm writing such a converter ( and I'd be
happy if you give me some feedback in case you test it. Only don't be
scared by the low version number (I'll increase it someday...): it is
pretty usable already.

So .... MusicXML to SVG conversion via Lilypond eh?! This is not as silly as it might at first sound because conversion to SVG is a formatting task not unrelated to conversion to PostScript. Apologies if I'm stating the obvious.

I'll have a look at your work. Thanks for mentioning it.

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