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Re: altering the tempo of a MIDI file

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: altering the tempo of a MIDI file
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 15:54:58 +0100
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It certainly works over here (listening using WinAmp).
Where did you put your \midi{...} directive? Are you sure
that you included it in the \score{...}, example:
  \midi{\tempo 4=120}

Did you have any other \tempo directives in the different
voices of music or was this the only \tempo in the file?


clive CATTERALL wrote:
Back in December 2002 Jule Slootbeek and Richard Grubb had a brief exchange
of emails regarding the difficulty of altering the tempo of MIDI file
output.  The conversation seemed to peter out without any resolution.

They were using Mac.  I am using Windows (Cygwin) and I am having the same
problems I have tried altering

\midi  { \tempo 4=120}

up to

\midi  { \tempo 4=240}

with no noticeable effect.  Is this a bug in Lilypond?  I have tried the
windows media player and WinAmp media player but both exhibit the same
problem. Has anyone any experience of this working on a Cygwin installation?

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