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Re: Multi-voice grace note work-around? Also abc2ly questions

From: Hans Forbrich
Subject: Re: Multi-voice grace note work-around? Also abc2ly questions
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 08:53:43 -0700

Grace notes ... If this is the same problem, it has been recently discussed
under title "Problems with grace notes, barlines, accidentals" and is
documented as a bug.  Effective workaround seems to be to place a grace
'skip' note in each staff/voice at the same place.

I have noticed the same types of concerns with midi2ly - I have no
experience with abc2ly and I did not expect more out of a midi source.
Hopefully the new NoteEdit release will help us out ... I have not read
about or installed NoteEdit but I would not mind a abc2ly > noteedit >
lilypond cycle, assuming NoteEdit can handle .ly input.  Anyone else have


Joyce Wilson wrote:

> I saw in the archives that there is some way to work around the problem
> with the extra barline being created after a grace note in multi-part
> music, but I need a bit more explanation to be able to do it
> successfully, since my attempts so far have just made the grace note
> disappear.  An example would be most welcome.
> On the abc2ly topic, I have a couple of questions.  I'm finding that
> when I run abc through abc2ly, I don't just have to go through and add
> in whatever extra notation I'm using Lilypond for (measure numbers,
> breath marks, note accents, text markup like 'D.C. al Fine', and
> cautionary accidentals like '(#)' -- if it's possible to do this stuff
> in abc, please tell me and I'll quit bothering the list! :> ).  I also
> have to make a lot of fixes of things which worked fine in abc.  A
> multipart piece with a time signature change in the middle proved
> especially problematic (In lilypond, the top line started in 4/4 and
> switched to 2/4, but the other three lines started out in 2/4, even
> after I edited the abc to explicitly specify the starting time sig for
> each part as 4/4)-- I ended up having to convert each part individually,
> and then reassemble the resulting snippets of lily code.  I guess my
> general question is: are there any tips for writing especially
> abc2ly-friendly abc?
> What determines where the line-breaks are in the output from abc2ly?
> They seem to be rather random, which makes it difficult for me to find
> my way around to do editing.  My current (laborious) approach is to go
> through the converted lilypond code and insert line breaks before each
> "\bar" and then tidy it up so that exactly one measure is on each line.
>   Then I can at least navigate by counting measures.  Is there some way
> to get abc2ly to do this for me?
> Graham, thanks for directing me to the lilypond templates-- that did
> indeed allow me to get StaffGroup working the way I wanted.
> Pip-pip,
> Joyce
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