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Re: multiple \scores in a lily-book included file?

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: multiple \scores in a lily-book included file?
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:31:55 -0500

On Monday 17 March 2003 11:24 am, Hans Forbrich wrote:
> > > Sly gets the notes out of the .ly file.  All you would have to do
> > > is copy the .sly score, delete lines 1-2 and 9-x, and run sly.
> > > If you want both the long and short, you would have a different
> > > name on the new includes. Not a problem.
> > > DaveA
> I think I'll have to take another look at Sly.  My previous concern
> was for the final width of the source - 700 measures x 19 "voices"
> (including lyrics, chords, etc) and a lot of fine tuning manipulation
> ... a typical 'line' for 1 measure would run about 450 characters
> wide

Certainly a valid concern.  Use three to 5 parts in each sly file, and 
you only need 7 to 4 files open in the editor at once instead of 19 if
you choose to do the whole thing measure by measure.
Or you could put a half measure or even a beat on each line.  Lilypond
doesn't care how many notes you have on each line, and all sly
does is make parts.

So far it doesn't touch the .ly file.  In future it will copy it.  It 
just puts each part into a file for convenient inclusion.
Your original does not have to be parsed at all before lilypond
gets it, but there are
some very convenient things you can do if you choose to use
the filter with it.
> Reasonably certain this is a lilypond-book feature ... recompiles
> only those items it determines are changed.  (my guess only).
> > Could this be the problem with the multiple scores?  If the first c
> There seem to be two completely separate situations here that, under
> some circumstances, may have similar appearances: one for the
> multiple scale/transpose/"block of notes" issue and the other on
> using multiple "score block" in a lilypond-book file.

Precisely.  Just suggesting a possibility.
> For the first, in my oinion this should be in one score block anyway,
> using Lilypond's native sequential '{}' & simultaneous '<>'
> capability.  So effectively the scale issue could be handles with
> \notes {  { \scale } { \transpose g \scale } , etc.  In many cases
> the {} could be left out unless there were embedded simultaneous
> sequences (especially with ignored skips at the end) that needed to
> be kept in step.  I have run into a number of examples of this.

> For the second, the following may be an answer - The piece I had
> actually ended up with about 25 to 30 score blocks in the same
> lilypond-book .tex source file, and that worked well.

Sorry, that's not a record.  :-)

> The trick was
> to separate each with \begin{lilypond}- \end{lilypond}and then each
> new score automatically started a new line

Now you have to add empty lines before and after.  Not a bug, a feature.
It is more consistent with the way paragraphs are done in TeX, and you
can actually have music inline with text.  Well, almost.  :-)

> but not a new page.  The
> pain is needing to redo all the pre- score block stuff (mainly
> includes in my case, so insignificant pain!)
> A secondary benefit - each score block has it's own .ly/tex file &
> only the .ly/tex file for the score block being edited was
> recompiled.  Therefore the total time to recompile was roughly the
> same as ly2dvi for a specific block, with all the advantages of
> lilypond-book.

But if you have includes in the .ly files, changes to the includes
won't be found unless you also change the .ly file.  Hence the copy
with dated comment added.

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