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Re: ConTeXt

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: ConTeXt
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:11:50 +0100
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Michal Seta wrote:
Hi all,

I admit that I have not researched this extensively and I just got
> introduced to ConTeXt today and got it working a few hours ago.
> Googling isn't of much help as 'context' is being used so
> much out of my desired context :)

Anyways, I've been working with a lilypond-book.  What I'm trying to do is
> to set up a textual/musical score for a work involving lots of
> poetry. The text is part of the score and it is to be represented
> in a particular way. I noticed that TeX requires a lot of manual
> tweeking and it _seems_ like ConTeXt is a resonable 'improvement'.
> Is there any reason why lilypond-book would[n't] work for ConTeXt?
> Is there an example/workaround of embeding .ly file in a ConTeXt
> document?  I guess I could generate tex or ps of ly and embed
> it in the ConTeXt document.  Any opinion will be appreciated.

I've never tried ConTeXt myself but the LaTeX handling part of
lilypond-book should be applicable. The only minor problems I can
think of is that you may have to explicitly tell it to work in
LaTeX mode (lilypond-book -f latex ...) and that it will not be
able to interpret what line width you use in your document, if it
deviates from the default (in LaTeX).

Did you consider using LaTeX instead of ConTeXt? It's used much
more than ConTeXt for ordinary document typesetting.


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