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Re: How to force lyrics -- music connections on melismas?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: How to force lyrics -- music connections on melismas?
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 14:37:31 +0100
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One option is that you don't use \addlyrics but manually specify
the duration of each syllable:
sopWords = \lyrics { Par-1 ce mi- hi1*5/4 __  ...}

If you want to use \addlyrics, you have to tell Lilypond where there
are melismas and the only way to do that currently is to add slurs
(I guess you meant slur, not beam). If you don't want them in the
print, try to make them invisible (untested):
\property Score.Slur \override #'transparent = ##t


address@hidden wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm preparing music samples of Renaissance music in Lilypond (Orlando di Lasso) 
and I'm quarreling with the lyrics support. The music has many melismas.

This is a sample piece of code:

sopMusic = \notes  \relative c'' { c1 a bes bes4. c8 d e d4 ~ d4 c2 b8 a b4
c a2 | r4 g4. a8 g4 f f8 e4 d8 e4 e1 r2 a2 }

sopWords = \lyrics { Par- ce mi- hi __  Do- mi- ne: ni- hil e- nim sunt
di- es me- i. Quid }

The problem arises on 'hi __' and 'Do-', that is LilyPond places the 'Do-' on 
c8, but in the music, the 'Do-' should be placed on c2. I've found one method 
to force the melisma from bes4. to d4 by doing bes4.( c8 d e d4 ~ )d4 (adding a 
beam). Then Lily understand that this is a melisma. But Renaissance music of 
course has no beams. How to enforce this without having the beam?

Thanks in advance, and I hope the example is clear enough.


Maarten Wisse

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