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fontshapes in lyrics

From: Fulko van Westrenen
Subject: fontshapes in lyrics
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 09:25:58 +0100
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I would like to use different fontshapes in lyrics. Within one line I require 
regular, bold and italics/slanted to select the group singing. Looking at 
the .tex file it looks like this cannot be accomplished easily. Writing 
a perl script to add fontselectors is not my first option. Another possibility
might be writing 3 textline, rm/bf/it, each with lots of _'s to separate them, 
and make the three lines fall over each other. The problem is that I have no 
idea how to accomplish this. It might be that there is some hidden support to 
get this done directly within lilypond. Does anyone have a suggestion?


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